New YouTube visualizer

Hello everyone!

I finally found some time to make a proper YouTube visualizer for my tracks.

I’m completely in love with the minimal design style that is all the rage these days, so that’s what I went for, with a lot of padding and low-contrast black and white. The font is the beautiful Open Sans, designed by Steve Matteson for Google. It’s the same font I’m using for the post contents on this site.

On a side note, the Audio Spectrum effect in After Effects is surprisingly lacking in terms of customization. The only way to get the bars to have flat tops is to add the Channel->Minimax effect on the layer and fiddle with the Radius parameter while also altering the Thickness parameter of the spectrum bars. I also had to add a horizontal mask to compensate for uneven bottom lines, a side effect of using Minimax.

Here you can see it in glorious 1080p60 action on a track from a few months ago, which has now finally found its way onto my YouTube channel. I’m pretty satisfied with the final result, although knowing myself I’ll probably continue to fiddle with it forever, and will probably hate it in a few weeks.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the visualizer and/or the track in the comments!