Hi there! A picture of me

My name is Giacomo, but everybody calls me Jack.

I have a deep passion for music production, technology, programming, videogames, media, and everything that resides in between, which is, suprisingly, a lot.

I also love, in no particular order

  • pinball
  • the Blues Brothers
  • embedded devices
  • my beautiful partner Sarah
  • Arduino projects
  • bagna cĂ uda
  • 3D printing
  • Disney parks
  • natural parks
  • hacking every device I buy
  • tv tropes
  • Firefly
  • motion graphics

and a whole lot of other stuff.

I moved from beautiful Torino, Italy to grandiose Toronto, Canada in 2014, to follow the woman of my dreams. A software engineer by profession and curious by nature, I love to focus my interests on something new, which often leads to me spending weird, long nights reading up on obscure subjects.

This website is meant to be a showcase of my projects, songs, videos, and ideas. Feel free to take a look around! I’ll periodically add content when something new happens, or when I have a moment of free time to dedicate to cool things!

Thanks for stopping by!